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Well, summer has come and gone for another year – ALMOST!! We still have Labor Day weekend to survive and part of me really does mean survive. Not only surviving entertaining our kids’ insatiable needs for non-stop action but surviving the roads and waterways of North Florida this weekend. Lots of people will be making that last trip to the beach, last venture in the boat either fishing, skiing, sunning or sailing, quick vacation down to see Mickey and friends or whatever else they can sneak in before we officially close the book on summer. Our family will be doing the same scheduled in between the other obligatory functions like horse show and swim practice.

It all adds up for lots of potential fun and fellowship with friends and family. Don’t forget to keep safety in the forefront of your mind. Safety for yourself, family friends and others. Slow down, look twice, be patient, don’t drink and drive – all those terms come to mind!

Enjoy your weekend, be safe and here’s to another fun filled summer in the books. Best part about summer ending – football starts!!



Amputation hazards always catch my attention, too.  I just wanted to quickly share this recall information from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that was issued yesterday.

Wintertime is a good time to do the heavy duty yard work because the grass isn’t  growing a foot a week like it did here in Jacksonville this summer. Plus it’s nowhere near as hot and humid. Do you have a dead tree in the yard?  Have you been wanting to pull out the old chain saw and bring that tree to the ground before it lands on you, your house or the neighbor’s house? Have you ever considered buying or renting a log splitter? As with any piece of power equipment, extra precaution and forethought is always a good idea when everything is working right.  What happens when it breaks or has a hidden design defect?

Recalled product

Recalled product

This particular log splitter has a potential defect that could cause amputation of a finger, limb or even death.

Contact one of the experienced trial attorneys at Harrell and Harrell if you were injured by a faulty product or even if you just have questions.

Be safe and enjoy the holidays!