Auto Accidents

Can it get any worse for Toyota

UPDATE – Great write up of this incident. People have probably started to become numb to all the automotive recall news they have heard over the last month. Toyota was probably starting…

Recalled or not

In the midst of all the automotive recalls, it is getting difficult to say the least to determine if the car you drive has been affected. If it’s a Toyota there’s a…

Hit and run car accidents

Hit and run car accidents February 26, 2010 According to data provided by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Duval County ranks third in the State of Florida when…

Full coverage auto insurance

Full coverage auto insurance January 5, 2010 I can’t count the number of times a potential client has called and told me they had full coverage for car insurance only to find…

Big traffic accident

Big traffic accident December 22, 2009 Two semi trucks collided while travelling south on Interstate 95 this morning leaving one of the drivers dead. The truck accident happened just south of the…

Car Accident – Who you gonna call?

Car accident – Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? Ask Gary? Ask Dave? What happened to Ask Kobe? They come and they go like ships passing in the night. Some have flashy spokespeople…

Common auto accident scenarios

None of us ever want to be the victim of an auto accident or the cause of an auto accident. In my 15 years of working at Harrell & Harrell, two common…

Texting while Driving

Driver distraction caused the deaths of nearly 6,000 people and the injuries of 500,000 people last year according to new government reports on auto safety. There is a correlation of using mobile…

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