Auto Accidents

Help reduce Jacksonville car accidents

As the Memorial Day weekend and the end of the school year quickly approach us, the roads will be filled with younger less experienced drivers. Instead of sitting in a classroom, young…

Yamaha ATV recall

Yamaha Motor Corporation, in conjunction with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), has voluntarily issued a safety recall for approximately twenty thousand Yamaha ATV’s – the non power steering versions of…

Someone may be watching

As a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville, Florida, one of the most common ways an accident occurs is when a driver runs a red light. Last week, the Florida Legislature took action…

What is an Intake?

Here s a brief submission from one of our “intake officers” talking about the initial process of hiring a personal injury lawyer or just getting a free consultation to discuss your options….

Jacksonville’s most dangerous intersections

Here’s a link to a local news story talking about the most dangerous Jacksonville intersections for car accidents. Most people feel that red light cameras will help reduce traffic accidents. I worry…

Car accidents and your weight

Thanks to one of our personal injury trial lawyers, David Black, for his insight on this very relevant matter. As a personal injury attorney, I have noticed a recent trend with defense…

Lexus rollover concerns

Consumer Reports (CR) rated the 2010 Lexus GX 460 a Don’t Buy. From their history, they don’t issue that rating frequently or lightly. The last time they issued it was in 2001…

How safe is your car?

While safety should always be a major factor when selecting a vehicle, frightening tales about drivers whose Toyotas accelerated for no apparent reason have driven that point home. And if you’re in…

Things to Do After An Auto Accident

The first moments following an auto accident can be extremely hectic and confusing. If you are involved in a collision, our auto accident attorneys advise you to take the following steps immediately…

Can it get any worse for Toyota

UPDATE – Great write up of this incident. People have probably started to become numb to all the automotive recall news they have heard over the last month. Toyota was probably starting…

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