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Monster Fisher-Price recall

Fisher-Price has recalled more than 10 million toys, tricycles and high chairs over safety concerns and injuries requiring medical attention. Approximately seven million Fisher-Price Trikes and Tough Trikes toddler tricycles are included in the recall. Apparently, the plastic ignition key for the tricycle protrudes near the seat has caused injury involving genital bleeding and stitches. Over one million high chairs produced by Fisher-Price are included in the recall. The tray holding pegs on the chairs have caused 14 known or reported problems after children have fallen on them. More than 2.8 million other toys, including an inflatable tether-ball toy has been recalled also. Over 50 incidents of the inflatable valve falling off have been reported. This could easily become lodged in a child’s airway. Detailed information on all of these toys can be found on the company’s website. Please share this information with friends, families, daycares etc… so we can help minimize any potential hazards to our kids. If you know anyone injured by these products , contact one of our personal injury attorneys at (800)251-1111 or visit us on the web.

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