Verdicts And Settlements

The below is a broad sample of cases and injuries that this firm’s attorneys have resolved by settlement or verdict. We handle all types of injury cases and do not restrict our practice to only “big” or “serious” injuries. Fighting for justice requires a commitment to excellence for ALL our clients and their broad range of cases and injuries, and we have that commitment.


Motorcycle, Car Collision

Our client, an off-duty law enforcement officer, was riding his motorcycle on a rural two-lane county road when a young…Read More


Child Molestation

A twice-convicted sexual predator moved from New York and applied for a maintenance position at a Florida trailer park. The…Read More


Dump Truck Accident

Our client was a young man driving his small pickup truck over the Shand's Bridge when a dump truck driver…Read More


Railroad Conductor Injured in Crossing Collision

A railroad conductor riding the leading edge of a train was pinched between the train and a dump truck when…Read More


Automobile Accident

Our client, a 49-year-old mortgage broker, suffered a mild traumatic brain injury when the defendant failed to yield the right…Read More


Head-On Collision

Male driver was involved in a head-on collision. Defendant denied liability based on alleged syncope by employee driving their vehicle.…Read More


Garbage Truck Accident

A 75,000 pound (4.5 tons overweight) garbage truck, at an estimated speed of 65 mph, swerved out of its lane…Read More


Dog Bite

At the home of her babysitter, a three-year-old girl was left unattended and was mauled by three dogs. Although she…Read More


Defective Parking Arm

A middle-aged business executive was returning to her vehicle from a concert when an automatic parking arm fell and hit…Read More


Railroad Conductor Injured Shoulder Throwing a Railroad Switch

A Miami conductor was injured when the switch he was operating hung up during the course of switching. The jury…Read More


Negligent Supervision

Our client hit his head in a collision with another child while playing a game of "Capture the Flag" in…Read More


Bridge Tender Attacked on Bradenton Bridge

female bridge tender operating a drawbridge over the Manatee river was attacked when she showed up for work. The poor…Read More


Rear-End Collision

While traveling to work in the early morning, a truck driver ran into our client's vehicle; she never lost consciousness.…Read More


Rear End Collision

A Navy serviceman was rear-ended at an intersection by a driver traveling 66 mph. The impact pushed his truck across…Read More


Commercial Vehicle Accident

On a four-lane road, our client was side-swiped by a commercial truck driver. Her vehicle crashed into a ditch where…Read More


Ambulance Worker Accident

An EMT was injure in the back of an ambulance when thrown into shelves during an accident. Two low-back surgeries…Read More


Truck with Trailer Collision

A 78 year old retired, white male was knocked off of the road when a pickup truck with trailer carrying…Read More


Tractor Trailer Collision

Our client had stopped behind a school bus when a tractor trailer slammed into him going approximately 40 mph. The…Read More


Automobile Accident

The defendant driver stopped in the middle of a road at 3:00 a.m. with no lights. The vehicle carrying our…Read More


Restaurant Slip-and-Fall

Woman broke her left wrist due to slippery hardwood floor in a local restaurant. Defendant refused to acknowledge responsibility for…Read More


Backhoe Operator Struck by Mail Truck

A CSX backhoe operating northbound on Highway 301 was struck from behind by a speeding mail carrier. The backhoe operator…Read More


Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claim due to gauze pads left in the client's scrotum during a vasectomy reversal procedure. Jury awarded verdict.Read More


Minor DUI Accident

Our client, a sixteen year old girl, was a front seat passenger in a vehicle when the driver lost control…Read More


Elderly Abuse

An elderly man suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was beaten with a case by his roommate in an…Read More


Drunk Driver Accident

When walking home from work, a registered nurse at Shands Hospital was hit by a drunk driver whose blood-alcohol level…Read More


Nursing Home Neglect

An elderly lady suffered from multiple bedsores due to lack of turning and repositioning and improper wound care by nursing…Read More


Wrongful Death Claim

Deceased's was killed in an apartment fire. The rental unit had bars over the windows which prevented the departed from…Read More


Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing staff performed an improper urinary catheterization while caring for an elderly gentleman. This failure in standard care and subsequent…Read More


Interstate Auto Accident

Army recruiter for close to 18 years was rear-ended on I-10 with injuries requiring shoulder surgery. The injury prevented him…Read More


Nursing Home Neglect

An elderly gentleman who was living independently was admitted to this nursing home for rehabilitation for a fractured hip. The…Read More


Pest Control Vehicle Accident

Military serviceman's vehicle was rear-ended by a commercial pest-control vehicle. Client was medically discharged from the military due to his…Read More


Tractor Trailer Accident

Female driver was rear-ended by a tractor trailer on I-95. The client underwent an arthroscopic shoulder surgery with pain management…Read More


Truck Rear-End Collision

A young single mother was stopped in traffic when a truck rear-ended her. The significant force of the collision caused…Read More


Rear-End Auto Collision

An 18-year old woman developed neck and back pains following a rear-end collision. After two-years of treatment (medical bills totaled…Read More

FLSA Class Action

Confidential Settlement

Our Firm represented a class of individuals against their employer for failure to pay overtime wages as required by Federal…Read More


Automobile Accident

Our client, a mother with two children while heading home from work was crashed into when a negligent driver ran…Read More