Personal Injury Law News

May 05

A personal injury is an umbrella term that refers to physical, emotional, and/or mental injuries […]

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Apr 29

The Harrell & Harrell team was excited to have the opportunity to be a Blue […]

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Apr 22

Negligence is at the heart of far too many accidents and injuries, and it’s a […]

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Apr 12

If you’ve been injured in an accident through the negligence of one or more other […]

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Mar 25

Although each and every personal injury case we see is different, we’ll share five factors […]

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Mar 19

Personal injury cases are often settled before they go to court—and there are plenty of […]

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Mar 15

Sometimes, a fender bender is just a fender bender. When that’s genuinely the case, it’s […]

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Feb 20

Personal injury law encompasses a broad umbrella of legal situations in which, at its simplest, […]

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Feb 15

In legal terms, this question focuses on the statute of limitations with car accidents—the legal […]

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