Car Accident – Who you gonna call?

Car accident – Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? Ask Gary? Ask Dave? What happened to Ask Kobe? They come and they go like ships passing in the night. Some have flashy spokespeople and cute sayings that catch your attention, some have catchy phone numbers but what are they really? Who will you wind up with and do they really care about you or just the auto insurance you come in with? Most are just referral middleman out to make the almighty dollar off of your tragic experience. Some are medical clinics while some are actual attorneys that practice on the other end of the state and will fly in to make you their client but will they fly back when you have other questions and concerns?

Don’t make things worse – call an experienced local Jacksonville trial attorney that has a name you can trust and the resources to represent you against the mega insurance companies – they aren’t your good neighbor and definitely don’t want you in good hands. That boils things down to a handful of local Jacksonville lawyers that are truly out to represent the people of Jacksonville. The smaller personal injury firms or solo practitioners of Jacksonville warn you against going to the bigger law firms like Harrell & Harrell, PA by claiming we will treat you as just another number. We do not and will not treat our clients that way. We have a large staff and have designed our operating systems to focus primarily on auto accident injury claims so we can give our clients, YOU, the personal touch they expect.

We understand that your injury claim is your ONLY claim whether it is big or small. Personal injury is what we do – it’s that simple. They may also claim that you may never see the attorney or lawyer that is handling your file because we are so big. Again untrue, our experienced and caring attorneys and their staff are available to you from start to finish and sometimes beyond. They are just a call or e-mail away 24 hours a day. The attorneys and staff at Harrell & Harrell, PA also understand that word of mouth advertising is much more effective and affordable so our primarily goal is to handle every injury claim that comes into our office to the best of our ability so you leave our office knowing you made the right choice in the beginning. Hopefully you will refer us a friend, family member or co-worker when they are injured and need an experienced trial lawyer.

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