Common auto accident scenarios

None of us ever want to be the victim of an auto accident or the cause of an auto accident. In my 15 years of working at Harrell & Harrell, two common accident scenarios always come to mind and both are easily avoidable. #1 Picture this – it’s 5 pm and time to go home after a long day’s work. Everyday you do the same thing – walk to your car – get in – buckle up – and head for home but first you have to turn out of the parking lot.

Do you always look both ways when you are simply turning right onto the road 99.9 % (I made that stat up) of the time there won’t be a car coming that way but what about the pedestrian, jogger or bicyclist on the sidewalk. I can’t count the number of times I have heard this story. Always look both ways and if you see someone approaching on the sidewalk make sure they see you. As an avid cyclist and runner, I never cross in front of someone unless I have eye contact with them but not everyone adheres to that idea. Some even assume they have the right of way. They may be right but the vehicle normally wins the battle. #2 The second scenario could be presented in the same way but picture having to turn out across 2 or 3 lanes of rush hour traffic plus a busy turn lane to go left out of your parking lot.

There are cars stopped in traffic when that good samaritan trying to help you out gives “the deadly wave” to go ahead and cross in front of him. Go ahead and assume everyone else is out to hit you! You wouldn’t believe the number of callers that honestly felt that it must be clear to go all the way out to the turn lane. What if the 3rd lane isn’t stopped What if the center turn lane becomes a convenient although illegal lane of travel for someone to make it that last quarter mile to the red light Wham-mo! Whether you cause the accident or not it usually results in some sort of injury.

The holidays bring a lot more traffic, a wee bit more stress and maybe even a little less patience as we prepare for the fun. Take that extra few seconds to look both ways and ensure you won’t be the next injured victim of a careless auto accident or the cause of something tragic.