Don’t become a statistic – look twice before crossing

Having worked in the personal injury field for close to 15 years, I wind up paying much more attention to potential hazards whether it be driving in Jacksonville traffic, going out to eat at a local restaurant or just doing some shopping. I have heard about every type of accidental injury story you can think of – some are much more believable than others.

People need to be reminded of the need for taking that extra few seconds to make sure what they are about to do won’t result in an accident. I ran across this Reuters news story this morning which reports that Florida is the most dangerous state for pedestrians. Guess what – Jacksonville and it’s many surrounding communities are ranked in the top four in the state. I know I don’t want to be one of those accident statistics and assume neither do you. Obviously everyone needs to always look out for themselves but let’s not forget to look out for others. If you see a dangerous situation develop, be proactive by slowing down and warning others of the potential hazard.

Next time it might be you trying to cross the street. How many times have you told a business owner of a spill on the floor, straightened that rug at the entrance of your local grocery store, or picked up an item that fell on the floor? If you do it more often, so will others. Enjoy the holidays and be careful! Harrell and Harrell, PA