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Might Your Behind-the-Wheel Behavior Contribute to Road Rage?

Aggressive driving is to blame in 66 percent of accident fatalities, statistics show.

Aggressive driving is to blame in 66 percent of accident fatalities, statistics show. Road rage and aggressive driving are among the top causes of car crashes and are likely to have fatal consequences. In fact, statistics show that 66 percent of traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving and that 37 percent of these cases involve a firearm. While the term “road rage” may conjure a picture of a violent, unstable personality, the truth is that it can occur in anyone experiencing a high degree of stress or frustration while behind the wheel. Consider these red flags:

  1. Regularly speeding
  2. Regularly punching the gas while approaching a yellow light in an effort to beat the red light
  3. Tailgating or flashing headlights at the car ahead
  4. Honking the horn often
  5. Using obscene gestures, shouting or cussing at other drivers
  6. Frequently using mobile phones or other distractions while driving
  7. Keeping high beams on regardless of oncoming traffic
  8. Switching lanes or making turns without using your turn signal
  9. Failing to check your blind spot before switching lanes to assure you won’t cut off another driver

Take an honest assessment of your behind-the-wheel behavior. If you are guilty of any of the first five, statistics show that you may be prone to committing road rage. The last four behaviors listed can be a trigger for other drivers to commit road rage against you. To avoid a road rage-provoked accident, stay calm while driving and carefully follow all road rules. If you find yourself engaged with an agitated driver, don’t react to or retaliate against his or her aggressive actions. Avoid eye contact, let the other driver pass and if needed, call police. If you or your dependents suffer an injury or loss caused by someone else’s aggressive driving, get medical treatment and call 800-251-1111 to speak with an auto accident attorney with Jacksonville’s Harrell and Harrell.