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Risk of Truck Accident Risk High During Holiday Shopping Season

risk of truck accidents

The risk of commercial truck accidents rises during the holidays, truck accident and personal injury attorneys with Jacksonville’s Harrell & Harrell say. Millions of toys, electronics and other gifts are making their way to retailers and homes all across America this month, just in time for the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays. And many of them are making that journey in tractor trailers. Every December brings a heightened risk of commercial truck accidents, lawyers with Jacksonville’s Harrell and Harrell say. One contributing factor in tractor trailer crashes is driver fatigue. Hired truckers have been known to take on extra hours and additional gigs to make more money. Often, this means drowsy drivers behind the wheel of trucks carrying loads that can top 22 tons – a potentially devastating situation. Other major factors, however, are mistakes made by drivers of passenger vehicles sharing the road with commercial trucks. Driving in a tractor trailer’s blind spot or hitting the brakes while driving in front of a truck can force a sudden lane shift or other movement by a truck driver, which can cause a load to shift. This can cause a truck to fishtail, overturn or jackknife, posting danger to everyone nearby. Statistics show that the fault for most collisions involving tractor-trailers lies, at least in part, with the driver of the passenger vehicle. To protect yourself and your family, truck accident attorneys offer these tips:

  • Avoid driving in a truck driver’s blind spot. Instead, stay behind a tractor trailer rather than beside it. This keeps you out of danger’s way should the truck switch lanes or begin to turn;
  • If you’re driving behind a commercial truck, leave plenty of room between your vehicles. Trucks hauling heavy loads require more stopping time, which means a driver will start braking far ahead of the next stop or turn;
  • If a truck starts to move into your lane, flash your lights or lay on your horn to alert the driver;
  • Ban any in-car distractions such as cell phone calls, texting and loud music;
  • Minimize stress and get plenty of rest. Avoid the holiday rush altogether by shopping online, and delegate errands if possible so that you’re not driving in a hurry or on inadequate sleep.

If you or your dependents are injured in an accident involving a commercial truck, get medical attention immediately, then call an experienced truck accident attorney. Harrell and Harrell specializes in helping victims of trucking collisions secure fair compensation for injuries. Contact us at 800-251-1111.