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Spring Break Fun Can Quickly Turn Tragic, Personal Injury and Auto Accident Attorneys Say

Spring Break Can Be Dangerous, Auto Accident Attorneys SayDid you know that the sun’s heat can boost alcohol’s effect on your body and your BAC levels? Harrell and Harrell offers tips for a safe spring break. March marks the beginning of the all-American tradition of spring break – a week of fun, sun and, unfortunately, a yearly spike in auto accidents and personal injuries, attorneys with Florida’s Harrell and Harrell say. Statistics show that auto accidents spike in spring break markets during the March-April period. Driving those stats are accidents that involve alcohol or drugs. In fact a study at the University of Wisconsin showed that 75% of college males and 43% of college females have reported being intoxicated on a daily basis during spring break. Keep in mind that three of the top spring break locations are in Florida – Fort Lauderdale, Daytona Beach and Panama City Beach. Other alcohol-fueled injuries common during spring break are results of falls or fights, and criminals often target inebriated spring breakers, as their ability to fend off attackers is limited. Many don’t realize that high-temperature weather and hot tubs, popular in spring break hotels, can boost the effectiveness of alcohol. So, drinking even a small amount can cause your blood-alcohol level to be higher than in normal circumstances. Whether you’re a spring breaker yourself or live in a popular spring break area, take precautions during the next few months. Steer clear of known partying areas, limit your own alcohol intake, and never get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking. Travel in groups, designate a non-drinking driver and be wary of strangers. And if you or a dependent are injured by another’s actions during spring break, contact an experienced personal injury or auto accident attorney immediately. Harrell and Harrell have offices in several popular spring break locations including Jacksonville Beach, Fernandina Beach and Orlando. Reach any Harrell and Harrell office at 800-251-1111.