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Spring Break Season Can Be a Dangerous One

Celebrating spring break soon? Stay safe by designating a non-drinking driver and traveling in groups, personal injury attorneys urge.

Celebrating spring break soon? Stay safe by designating a non-drinking driver and traveling in groups, personal injury attorneys urge. March means the spring break season is officially under way. While it’s designed as a season of fun and freedom for students across America, it’s also a season of danger, unfortunately.


The rates of auto accidents, crime and personal injury incidents spike in popular spring break destinations each year – and several Florida cities top a dubious list. An oft-referenced study of the most dangerous spring break destinations found that among the top 10 riskiest places to visit were six Florida cities. Orlando and Daytona Beach took the top two spots, with West Palm Beach, Panama City, Jacksonville and Miami following.


Whether you’re a spring breaker yourself, or a local resident, Harrell and Harrell offers a few tips:


    • Mind the roadways: Drunk driving accidents are a given during spring break. Opt for non-alcoholic drinks, designate a non-drinking driver or take a taxi if you’ll be partying. Even if you don’t drink a drop, keep in mind that many others sharing the roadways with you won’t be so wise. Keep your travel to a minimum and watch closely for signs of erratic driving in the cars near you.


    • Be wary of others’ actions: Crime spikes during destinations because criminals know that intoxicated revelers are easy marks, particularly for theft and sexual assault. Again, our top recommendation is to remain sober. Also, never walk alone, particularly in an unfamiliar area. Travel in groups, avoid dimly lit parking lots and walkways, and be wary of strangers.


    • Choose your hotel and hot spots wisely: For many hotels, nightclubs and other popular spots spring break means premises liability lawsuits. If, for instance, a bar you visit fails to properly manage an unruly crowd and you suffer an injury as a result, the bar could be held liable for your damages. Avoid overcrowded party spots; hotels with inadequate lighting or security; restaurants with dark parking lots or unkempt facilities, etc.


We hope your spring break will be a safe and fun experience. But if yours turns dangerous and you find yourself injured by someone else’s negligent or deliberate act, get medical attention immediately. Then, contact an experienced auto accident, personal injury or premises liability attorney. Call 800-251-1111 to schedule an appointment with Harrell and Harrell, serving Northeast and Central Florida, as well as Southeast Georgia.