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What is an Intake?

Here s a brief submission from one of our “intake officers” talking about the initial process of hiring a personal injury lawyer or just getting a free consultation to discuss your options. We try to make everyone feel comfortable by just clearly explaining your options, so don’t worry about high pressure sales (that’s not the point of the intake process)!

Most people are not as “sue happy” as you would think, and most only contact an auto accident lawyer after becoming frustrated with the insurance companies and the seemingly endless run-arounds they get. In my 25 plus years as a legal investigator I have dealt with countless numbers of clients who are skeptical of lawyers and doctors in general, and they only turn to a lawyer when they feel there is no other option. My job in “intake” is the first step in making sure you don’t settle for less than you deserve. I make an effort to make sure new car accident clients are well informed during the initial conference. I try to put them at ease, make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Sometimes however, due to the physical pain they are enduring, this is difficult. It’s my obligation to explain the best I can how the insurance process works, how the medical bills are paid, who takes care of wage loss, who pays to fix a car, what the responsibility of the at fault person and that person’s insurance company is, and, of course, how long the process takes. Sometimes we have new auto accident clients who have involved other attorneys on previous cases, and I’m often told I never got to meet a lawyer. Meeting your lawyer happens quickly at Harrell and Harrell. I am usually able to walk down the hall and get your lawyer for a quick face-to-face. Statements I hear often are I don’t want to sue the other person, or we are not sue happy people. Well the good news for them is that most of the time we will only be making a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company, not the at-fault driver, and not necessarily even filing a law suit. We will be attempting to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement if at all possible. If that doesn’t work, then a law suit at some point might be needed. Be assured, however, that is always the client’s prerogative and choice.

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