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What is your auto accident case worth?

auto accident case worth

An auto accident is more than just the direct costs of the property damage or injuries that occur from the collision. The actual value may be wrapped up in a variety of factors, from the physical and economical damages to the emotional damages from your accident. Although it is important to remember that every person and accident is different, the following factors can help you determine the case’s value.

Factors That Help Determine Your Case’s Value

Although there is no exact formula for your accident’s worth, the following factors can help you determine the case’s value.

  • Damage to the vehicle – The value of the damage to your vehicle is determined by the insurance company. If your car was barely damaged, then the insurer might argue that you were unlikely to be seriously damaged.
  • Car insurance coverage and policy limits – Whether or not the at-fault driver has auto insurance—and the policy limits associated with that insurance coverage—often plays the biggest role in the value of your case.
  • Medical expenses – Medical treatment for your injuries is taken into consideration when determining the damages. The total cost of medical bills is determined and then applied to your case.
  • Pain and suffering – This includes physical pain from the accident and mental and physiological effects, such as anxiety and depression. There is no true formula for insurance companies to use when calculating emotional damages, but it’s often the amount of a person’s medical bills multiplied by a number based on the person’s disability.
  • Lost earning capacity – Any past income that you lost and income that you will lose in the future are also considered when determining the value of a case.
  • Loss of quality of life – For more serious injuries, an accident may affect your happiness and enjoyment. This includes the accident’s effect on your personal relationships.

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