Cold Weather Got You Down – Let’s Go Boating

Usually March brings us cool mornings and warm afternoons but this is ridiculous. Looks like the cold pattern may break towards the weekend. Hopefully, it will warm up enough for me to get my Ski Nautique out from under all that I have piled on it in the last 5 months and see if it still runs like a top. A good couple days of cleaning, preventive maintenance?and prep work go a long way towards enjoying a safe accident-free spring and summer boating season. As I finished typing that sentence, Mr Sunshine appeared! Now we’re talking. I have been around boats all my life and have owned my current one for over 20 years now so I know it pretty well but I never hesitate to make sure everything is functioning properly and all my safety equipment is right where I left it. Do you know what safety equipment is required on your boat? When is the last time you actually put your hands on your life jackets or tested your fire extinguisher? Have your kids outgrown last year’s stuff? Mine have. I’m still trying to get rid of the infant jackets from 3 0r 4 years ago. You wouldn’t leave the dock without your lunch, drinks, rods and reels, bait etc….but how many times have you thought.. it’s such a nice day why do I need my radio, my anchor. You get my drift! If you have been boating enough you should clearly understand how quickly that nice day can change. Get in touch with the local Coast Guard Auxiliary or Power Squadron for a Vessel Safety Check?or visit the US Coast Guard Boating Safety Division site for lots more information concerning safe and enjoyable boating. Hope to see you out on the Jacksonville waterways soon!