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Accidents Caused by Dangerous Road Conditions

car-accident-hazardous-road-conditionsWhether it’s a car accident, motorcycle accident, or pedestrian accident, it can be fairly straightforward to determine who or what caused it. A driver may have been speeding or reckless, or a defective part or system on the vehicle may have failed. When dangerous road conditions or hazards are a factor in an accident, however, establishing liability can be a complex process. That’s why it’s so important to consult an auto accident lawyer when you’ve been injured in an accident caused by dangerous road conditions.

Common Causes of Roadway Hazard-Related Accidents

Poor maintenance and/or adverse weather often play a role in road conditions. In the Jacksonville area, where it’s not unusual to receive heavy rainfall or even tropical storms, flooding is often a concern. When water gets under a paved road, cracks can form as its foundation erodes; over time, potholes can form or the asphalt can sink and break up. If uneven pavement or potholes are not promptly addressed, the problem usually gets worse, and as a result, driving on roads in need of repair becomes more dangerous.

Road safety also depends upon maintenance of the areas around it. Overgrown trees and foliage can block drivers’ views of signs, traffic lights or the road ahead. Even the design of the roadways and traffic flow can create unsafe conditions: Poorly marked exits, confusing intersections, faded lane markers, a lack of adequate medians, and other issues can play a role in accidents.

Hazardous Road Condition Personal Injury Claims

If you’re injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness, you are entitled to file a personal injury claim and seek compensation for damages. If, however, your accident appears to be the result of poor or hazardous road conditions, the path to compensation may not be clear without a thorough investigation into where liability lies. An experienced auto accident attorney will conduct such an investigation as part of representing you.

According to the 2017 Florida Statutes pertaining to public transportation, public roads are divided into four systems:

  1. The State Highway System
  2. The State Park Road System
  3. The county road system
  4. The city street system

Each of the government entities responsible for these systems have a duty to ensure that they are safe for car drivers, motorcycle riders, pedestrians, and cyclists. When roads are not maintained or made safe, federal, state, county, or local government agencies—or a combination of two or more—may be liable.

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Navigating a claim against a government entity is very different than one against a private individual or company. There are certain limitations set by Florida statutes on the types of claims that can be brought by an injured party, including possible limits on the dollar amount assigned to damages when the claim is against multiple Florida state entities.

At Harrell & Harrell, P.A., our experienced accident lawyers provide free, no-obligation consultations to help determine if you have a case. We have expert accident investigators who will review the circumstances surrounding your case and advise you of your legal options.

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