Common Car Accident Myths and Misconceptions

Misinformation, misconceptions and outdated information can be costly when it comes to automobile accidents. We tend to operate on instincts following an incident, many of which may be based on falsehoods. Here are the most common misconceptions that you should avoid during and immediately following an auto accident.

common car accident myths

Myth: “Assured Clear Distance”

You are driving down the road when a driver in front of you cuts you off and immediately “brake checks” you. You find yourself not being able to slow in time and hit the rear end of the car in front. Who is at fault?

There is a common misconception that failure to maintain “assured clear distance” places the fault on the driver in the back. This is just not true. If a lead driver cuts off another or brake checks them, the lead driver can absolutely be held accountable. This is important to know both if you are the victim of being cut off or if you are an aggressive driver and believe “brake checking” a car behind you will get them to back off.

Myth: Injuries Must Be Visible to Be Serious

If someone sustains a head wound, broken arm or puncture wound, the injuries are obviously serious, and medical assistance should be sought immediately. But many times, accidents result in aching or overall soreness. It can be tempting to shrug this soreness off, as the pain may even subside over the following days. Not seeking medical attention can be a major mistake.

Neck and back injuries, in particular, can take days, weeks and even months to fully manifest themselves. This means immediate pain may appear to be manageable, but as time progresses, damage may become worse, resulting in painful and sometimes debilitating conditions. Medical attention should always be sought, even if just “minor” neck or back soreness is experienced. Any injuries should be documented relating to the automobile accident.

Myth: An Auto Accident Frequently Leads to a Large Payday

It’s common for those involved in an auto accident to contact an attorney asking, “What is my case worth?” However, insurance and any resulting litigation involved from a car accident are only intended to get you back to pre-accident condition, both financially and physically.

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s impossible to restore your body to the health you had before an accident. This is where significant awards are usually sought. An experienced personal injury attorney can help ensure your case will receive maximum compensation from all possible parties. An injury accident case may not always end in a large payday, but it should be pursued to its maximum, reasonable result.

Myth: You Are Required to Give a Detailed Statement to Insurance Companies

You should not be convinced that you are required to give a detailed statement regarding an auto accident to your or the other driver’s insurance company. These statements can often come back to be used against you. Even simple responses to questions like “How are you feeling” can be difficult to overcome should legal action result. If you are concerned about your rights, contact an experienced auto accident injury attorney.

Myth: You Don’t Need Legal Representation

Legal representation can help protect your assets and help assure you get what you deserve. Harrell and Harrell, P.A. can’t promise you a large jackpot or huge payday. We can promise a thorough, aggressive approach to your accident. We make it easy with a free consultation to discuss your case. Connect with Harrell and Harrell, P.A. and avoid the pitfall of automobile accident misconceptions.