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How to Seek Fair Compensation for Whiplash Injuries

compensation for whiplash injuries

Being in an accident that causes whiplash injuries can have a serious impact on your everyday life and could even affect your ability to earn a living. Filing a personal injury claim can help you seek a fair amount of compensation for the damages you suffer. Because it can be difficult to determine the right amount of compensation to seek, it’s important to get help from a personal injury attorney.

What to Know About Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash injuries can range from mild to severe, but the severity and extent of these might not be apparent right away. Injuries from whiplash typically affect the neck area, but they can also affect other parts of your body. Minor cases of whiplash might only cause mild symptoms that improve over time. However, more serious cases can lead to chronic damage to the upper part of your spine, your shoulders, and other parts of your body. This can impair your ability to move, which could affect your
ability to work or perform everyday tasks.

The Severity of Symptoms and Compensation

The amount of compensation you can expect is dependent on how severe your whiplash injuries are and how long your symptoms last. Keep in mind that you might develop long-lasting symptoms that don’t show up immediately after you’re injured. These symptoms could mean that you have more serious damage to your spinal discs, joints, nerves, and other parts of your body.

If you have a more severe case of whiplash or injuries that last for a long time, it’s important to keep medical documentation. This documentation serves as evidence of the extent and severity of your injuries. You’ll need to provide this information to support the amount of compensation you’re seeking for damages.

What to Expect During the Claims Process

The claims process for whiplash injuries can be complex, so it’s important to work with a personal injury lawyer. Having legal help can ensure that you follow all steps throughout the claims process and have all of the documentation and other evidence you need. A personal injury attorney can go over the details of your case to determine if you should file a claim and how much to seek in damages.

The amount of compensation for whiplash injuries can vary depending on different factors. These factors include whether you are able to continue working, or the amount of medical costs you have for acute or chronic care. A personal injury attorney can evaluate your case and calculate the right amount of compensation to seek.

Get Help From a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have whiplash injuries from an accident caused by someone else’s neglect or harmful actions, please contact Harrell & Harrell today. Our personal injury lawyers in Jacksonville can go over your case and help you get fair compensation for your injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation.