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Haitian Relief Effort

We continue to partner with Mission Harvest America to help in collecting and distributing the much needed aid for the earthquake victims of Haiti. Here’s a cut and paste of a news release from Dr Dewey Painter’s group.


Human Resources Needed for Relief Effort

Mission Harvest America, teaming up with Angel Flight 44, is in the process of moving 3.2 million pounds of much needed food, clothing, and medical supplies. While financial needs are still great, personnel resources are also needed. We’re working 16-18 hour days here, says Mission Harvest President, Dr. Dewey Painter. Volunteers daily working 16-18 hours a day. We’re tired. Helping Haiti will be a prolonged assistance and more steady workers are needed.

Do you realize there are government programs that will allow me to hire full-time people? I just have to pay 5% of their salaries and the government pays for the rest. Do you know how much work we can get done with just 5 full-time employees? Dr. Painter doesn’t belittle the significance of volunteers. They’re a major part of thisno doubt about that! We’d like to add to the workforce to help the volunteers. We also need more volunteers to refresh the exhausted ones.

Dr. Painter accepts no salary for the work he’s doing in the relief effort to assist Haiti. All money that comes in for Haiti goes directly toward the operational costs of transporting the materials to Haiti. If you would like to volunteer or contribute, more information is available at 904-356-9006. Released by: Dr. Dewey E. Painter, Sr. President Mission Harvest America. Cell phone for media only 904-735-9697.

Dr. Dewey E. Painter, Sr., Ph.D.FMC Mission Harvest America, Inc., 69 Copeland Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204 904-356-9006