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Best Florida Law Blogs of 2018 Presented by Harrell and Harrell

florida law blogs of 2018

As with many states, there are a multitude of laws and tiers that make up Florida state law – everything ranging from constitutional, regulatory, to tort law – so it’s no surprise to see the prevalence of Florida law blogs (or “blawgs,” as the ABA Journal likes to call them).

These law blogs are incredibly valuable resources to prospective Floridian lawyers, clients, businesses, firms, as well as legal organizations, because they cover a wide range of important legal-oriented topics dealing with the law as it relates to the state of Florida.

To help these individuals and institutions stay knowledgeable about trends, advocacy, and news, we’ve compiled a list of the top law blogs of 2018. Each blog in our list has an informative description that contains the blog’s information and at times a standout article, carefully chosen by the editors of Harrell and Harrell.

The top law blogs were handpicked by our staff based on our perception of the quality of the blogs’ articles and the amount of rich content and research their articles warranted.

It’s with great pride and privilege that we announce the Top Florida Law Blogs of 2018!

About Florida Law Blog

About Florida Law is a law blog published by Sackrin & Tolchinsky, P.A. Attorneys at Law. The blog does an excellent job covering major Florida law topics with a concentration on real estate law. Some of the law topics include arbitration, closings, and constructions. The blog also does a superb job in alluding to relevant Florida Statutes, which help to provide educational insight into the topics at hand. For instance, in a recent article written by Larry Tolchinsky (of Sackrin & Tolchinsky) about the importance of having home inspections in South Florida, Larry made reference to Florida Statute 468.8311. This further showcases the thorough opinions and interpretations of Florida law discussed in the About Florida Law blog.

Doug Beam Legal Blog

The Doug Beam Legal Blog considers itself a place to learn about personal injury, criminal defense, brain injury, and other types of law, to help both their peers and the interested non-lawyers of the world. The blog is published by Douglas R. Beam, P.A, a law firm from Melbourne, Florida, that practices personal injury, criminal defense, and traumatic brain injury law. What’s unique about the blog is its design – its navigation is intuitive and its headlines and images are easily captured. One key article is about car accidents, which is a main topic of the blog. The article, adapted from a Sun Sentinel report, talks about crashes being up in Florida as more drivers are texting behind the wheel.

Florida Asset Protection Law Blog

The Florida Asset Protection Law Blog, published by Alper Law Firm, is an extensive resource guide for businesses and individuals interested in asset protection planning and implementation. The blog also includes a “law library” that contains Florida asset protection, family limited partnership and LLC, offshore planning, and financial asset protection. In terms of legal topic categories, the blog encompasses creditor rights, Florida asset protection planning, Florida exemptions, and other aspects involving legal situations and assets. Here is a standout article about “Fraudulent Transfer Statute of Limitations in Collection of Criminal Restitution.

Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer Blog

The Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer Blog is a foundational resource for individuals looking to learn more about bankruptcy law in Florida. Developed by Parker & DuFresne, the blog covers an extensive list of legal topic categories pertaining to bankruptcy, family law, foreclosure defense, consumer protection, among a few others. Some of the most insightful articles on the blog speak to the differences between shared custody and joint custody as well as things to expect after filing for bankruptcy. The articles tackle delving into important subject matter that generally deal with the ins and outs of bankruptcy law, providing quite the fundamental guide.

Florida Business Law Blog

Florida Business Law Blog is a law blog published by Berger Singerman, a business law firm with offices in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Tallahassee. Berger Singerman’s Florida Business Law blog covers business law-related topics regarding business reorganization, legislation, dispute resolution, government and regulatory issues. The blog’s articles are written by the firm’s staff and are well researched and supported, with mentions of impactful legislative documents such HB 841.

Florida Business Litigation Lawyer Blog

The Florida Business Litigation Lawyer Blog is run by a law firm that prides itself as being representative of Florida’s businesses and business owners: Mavrick Law Firm. The topics of the blog cover all facets of litigation law, including, but not limited to, employment law, non-compete agreements, trust and probate litigation, among many others. Primarily, the blog posts are in long-form essay format, meaning the posts have the propensity to get into the insightful details in regard to claims, circuits, and cases. This positive attribute – as well as the blog itself – is a great asset for business people to absorb and reference for their everyday business dealings.

Florida Criminal Law Blog

With new criminal laws and regulations taking shape every day, there’s never been a better time to grasp the complexities of criminal law in Florida. Managed and developed by M. James Jenkins & Associates, the Florida Criminal Law Blog does an effective job analyzing arrests, attorney selection, and narcotics trafficking – it develops the educational content to make it all comprehensive. Here is one recent article that shows the amount of effort and research devoted to the blog’s content: Conditions Of Your Probation: Myths, Rules And How To Avoid A Violation.

Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Blog

The Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Blog is a useful blog for all things personal injury. The writers – staff members of Friedman, Rodman & Frank – go through an enormous effort in selecting newsworthy topics. The articles consist of thoughtful assessments and detailed references to cases and are posted multiple times a week. For instance, this article cites a case that illustrates the issue of derivativeness. There is also a plethora of information on the blog regarding dog bite cases, which is a common occurrence applicable to personal injury in Florida.

Florida Probate & Trust Litigation Blog

Dealing with trusts and estates litigation, probate administration, and estate planning is no easy feat – that’s why having an accessible blog like the Florida Probate & Trust Litigation Blog is a tremendous resource. The blog is managed by Juan C. Antúnez, who is a partner with Stokes, McMillan, Antúnez P.A. Essential probate and trust litigation concepts are covered in the blog’s articles, with a focus on Florida Supreme Court cases, mediator ethics, equitable law, and even financial exploitation of the elderly claims, as seen in this article.

The F.L.U.D. Zone Blog

F.L.U.D. stands for Florida Land Use and Development Law, so it’s no surprise that The F.L.U.D. Zone Blog is a go-to blog for articles about affordable housing, coastal development, growth management, and land use planning. The blog is maintained by Robinson+Cole and prudently alludes to and cites documents varying between Senate bills to bills proposed in legislative sessions. Dig through their articles on vacation rental laws and environmental repairs for a thorough introduction into what their multi-faceted blog has to offer.

The Southern District of Florida Blog

The Southern District of Florida Blog is a stellar work of consistent legal analysis and essay writing. According to the blog’s about column, the SDFL Blog was started in 2005 by David Oscar Markus. David is a criminal trial and appellate lawyer in Miami, Florida. David’s profound writing covers a broad range of relevant legal subjects, such as handling attorney-client privilege, Ft. Lauderdale federal courthouse progress, and federal prosecutors. Fortunately for the legal community in Florida, we all have a resource to read that The New Times has called “the definitive source on South Florida’s federal court system.”

Upchurch Law Blog

The Upchurch Law Blog is managed and operated by the Upchurch Law firm, headed by Daytona Beach attorney Thomas Upchurch. The blog covers mostly elder law but is unique in the fact that its articles speak to people of all ages, going so far as to have a post entitled “Yes, Millennials, You Do Need an Estate Plan.” What we in particular appreciate about the blog is that its content really does an excellent job in providing a broad range of advice and educational information regarding elder law, guardianship, medicaid, estate planning, and probate in an intuitive way. The Upchurch Law Blog has our upvote as one of the best Florida law blogs of 2018.

Honorable Mentions for the Top Florida Law Blogs of 2018: