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Injuries on the job

Whether injured by a co-worker or a liable third-party, the effects can be devastating and your right and responsibilities vary greatly. Avoid being the victim of another mistake by contacting us to discuss your legal options. As the economy worsens and employers attempt to raise production with less manpower, corners will be cut and seemingly innocent oversights will occur resulting in more dangerous work sites and conditions. Don’t become the innocent injured victim.

Stay aware of your surroundings and make sure to voice your concerns to the appropriate people so catastrophic personal injury can be avoided. The National Safety Council published some of the most common safety violations so far in 2009. Scaffolding remains the most problematic area. Whether you are working on the most basic makeshift scaffolds to high-end commercially produced products – safety awareness should be job one. A good discussion of this data can be found at “The Safety Blog“.

If you, your loved one, family member or co-worker find yourself injured on the job due to just plain dumb luck or the carelessness of another – call Harrell & Harrell to arrange for a free consultation or just visit our website and submit a “Do I Have A Case” form. Either way someone will address your concerns so you can just focus on getting better.