Ridesharing Auto Accident Guide [Free Download]

Ride-sharing with apps such as Uber and Lyft has become extremely popular in the last several years. Riders love the convenience and low prices of ride-sharing, along with easy-to-use apps to hail rides. Unfortunately, ride-sharing trips are not always a safe mode of transportation. Lax hiring policies, lack of driver training, and negligent ride-share drivers can lead to serious auto accidents and passenger injuries.

Knowing what to do after a ride-sharing accident can help you stay calm, create a plan, and protect your rights as a victim. This guide will help you keep track of the facts and details of your ride-share accident, as well as take the next step forward. Use this guide as a tool to help you remember important details, contact the correct people, and begin the journey toward recovery after a serious collision.

This Guide Contains:

  • Essentials of Ridesharing Auto Accident
  • Important Things to Remember
  • An Accident Checklist
  • What to Do At the Scene
  • Actions to Take After the Accident
  • Insights on Recovering from the Accident
  • Important Local Numbers to Have On Hand
  • And More
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