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Your Injury Attorney’s Priorities

Injury Attorney Priorities

When our personal injury attorneys take on a case, they devote a great deal of time to ensuring that the case is a success. In an attempt to guarantee a successful outcome for their clients, our attorneys maximize their time, efforts, and other resources by evaluating all prospective cases as soon as facts are available. A personal injury lawyer evaluates each case on a range of factors including the following:

Did the accident result in a personal injury?

The first step in determining the value of a case is ensuring that the case meets the qualifications of a personal injury. In order for a case to qualify as such, the injury must have been caused by another person’s negligence. This at-fault party needed to have a duty of care that they violated and resulted in an injury.

Was the injury severe?

Not every catastrophic accident results in serious injuries to those involved. Some people involved in collisions and accidents are extremely lucky and escape with only minor scrapes and bangs. Because of the minor nature of these injuries, a claim is unlikely to result in compensation.

An accident that results in permanent disability, however, could justify the need for greater damages. This is because there are both short-term and long-term costs associated with a severe injury.

At Harrell & Harrell, we handle cases of all sizes—no matter the severity of the victim’s injuries.

Does this case make sense economically?

A personal injury attorney doesn’t get paid unless there are damages awarded in the case. As a result, they expend both time and out-of-pocket expense building and fighting each personal injury case they take on. In order to be worthwhile, the return on the case must be sufficient.

Most personal injury attorneys are motivated by the commission they make when you settle your case; they are motivated to settle quickly so that they get paid quickly. At Harrell & Harrell, our attorneys are paid salary—not compensated based on your case’s value. They are only motivated by doing what’s best for you.

A victim doesn’t pay the personal injury attorney upfront for their services. Instead, if the case is successful and results in damages, the lawyer receives a percentage of those winnings. The personal injury attorney wants to ensure that their clients receive a fair settlement. How much time has passed since the accident?

In general, it’s best for a personal injury victim to contact an attorney immediately following the accident. While there might be some hesitation in doing so while you gather documentation, the attorney can often both facilitate and expedite this process.

Severe injuries will likely result in stacking medical costs. The victim might also experience lost wages that could put them under further financial strain. Having the right injury attorney can make the difference between a temporary struggle and permanent hardship.

There is also a statute of limitations that applies to the filing of personal injury cases. While there can be exceptions to this limit, determining that can often be complex and is best left up to an experienced personal injury attorney.

For more than 25 years, Harrell & Harrell, P.A. has been providing compassionate and experienced personal injury legal services in Florida. We offer you the skilled expertise you need to navigate the complexities of today’s legal system. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation so our attorneys can thoroughly evaluate the details of your case.