The Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) designates certain cases for “special expedited processing.” These are deemed “critical cases.” Currently, ODAR recognizes five situations warranting the use of expedited claims handling:

(1) Where the claimant’s illness is terminal. These are known as TERI cases.

(2) Where the disability claim involves a military service personnel injured October 1, 2001 or later, regardless of how or where the disability occurred, whether in the United States or on foreign soil, provided the claimant was on active duty when the injury occurred. This is known as an MSCC (Military Service Casualty Case).

(3) Where the claim is flagged as a Compassionate Allowance case. The Social Security Administration maintains a list of impairments that qualify as a “compassionate allowance.”

(4) Where the claimant is without and is unable to obtain food, medicine, or shelter. These are known as DIRE NEED cases. A dire need exists when a person has insufficient income or resources to meet an immediate threat to health or safety, such as the lack of food, clothing, shelter or medical care. The circumstances defining the “dire need” situation must be specifically alleged.

(5) Where there is an indication that the claimant is suicidal or homicidal.

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