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Top Three Reasons for Social Security Disability Claim Denials

Denied for Social Security Disability benefits? Harrell and Harrell can help.

Denied for Social Security Disability benefits? Harrell and Harrell can help. When you suffer a disability that robs you of your ability to make a living and support your family, Social Security Insurance benefits can be a much needed financial safety net. But a newly released report shows that in 2011, more than 630,000 Americans’ medical claims for SSDI benefits were denied. Unfortunately, it’s not a surprising statistic, say social security disability lawyers with Jacksonville’s Harrell and Harrell.

The Social Security Administration has stringent requirements for granting disability benefits. To be eligible, you must be insured, be younger than full retirement age, have correctly filed an application for benefits and have a Social Security-defined disability. You must have worked long enough and recently enough to qualify and have what doctors and SSDI officials consider a total disability ? not a partial or short-term disability. The 2012 Annual Statistical Report on the Social Security Disability Program identifies the top three reasons for SSDI benefit claim denials:

  • 32.4 percent were denied because the claimant was found able to perform a new type of work;
  • 24.5 percent were denied because the claimant’s impairment was found not to be severe enough;
  • 22.7 percent were denied because the claimant still was able to perform their past work duties.

As with most government-run programs, the SSDI application process can be notoriously complicated, requiring copious amounts of medical and work records and involving complex rules. Meanwhile, your creditors won’t wait and your family suffers. To help minimized the time that you go without financial compensation and benefits, contact an experienced Social Security Disability Attorney to help you better navigate the application process. Jacksonville’s Harrell and Harrell serves the region from Southeast Georgia to Central Florida and can be reached at 800-251-1111.