Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain Injuries: What to Know About Concussions

Discussions about the long-term effects of concussions are most often centered on their occurrence among athletes in the news today, but anyone can sustain a concussion that can permanently change his or…

Accident Victims: Know the Signs of Concussion

The topic of concussions is increasingly in the news as they relate to sports injuries, but car, motorcycle, pedestrian, and many other types of accidents may also be the cause of concussions….

Returning Veterans Face Multiple Challenges

After the Veteran’s Day parades wind down, many US veterans return to difficult daily lives that often include waiting months for needed medical appointments. This month, we celebrate America’s military veterans, the…

Kids’ Risk for Traumatic Brain Injury Rises in Summer

Popular summertime sports and activities put kids at a higher risk for traumatic brain injuries, attorneys in Jacksonville say. Swimming, biking, skateboarding, tree climbing – all are favorite pastimes of kids and…

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