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New Report Shows Far More Veterans than Previously Thought Waiting Months for Medical Appointments

Veterans benefits LawyerAmerica’s military veterans need and deserve top-notch medical care. But a new report shows many are waiting far too long for healthcare appointments. A new report shows that tens of thousands more veterans than previously thought are being forced to wait a full month or more for medical appointments with Veterans Administration hospitals and medical centers. That’s according to a recently updated audit of more than 730 VA medical facilities nationwide.

The report shows that a full ten percent of veterans seeking medical care at VA hospitals and clinics regularly have to wait at least 30 days for an appointment. That figure is more than double the four percent of veterans that the government previously said was forced to endure long waits for needed medical care. The new findings are not just a disgrace, but a potential danger to our nation’s military veterans’ health, say veterans disability benefits attorneys.

Findings of the new report show that new patients at the Atlanta VA hospital waited an average 44 days for an appointment in April, while existing patients waited even longer – an average 66 days – for pending appointments. In Kansas, many veterans say they can’t get medical appointments at US VA facilities at all, and are seeing their previously scheduled checkups canceled as the dates approach. Nationwide, more than 56,000 veterans were waiting more than 90 days for an initial appointment at a VA medical facility. “In many communities across the country, veterans wait too long for the high quality care they’ve earned and deserve,” acting VA Secretary Sloan Gibson said Thursday.

We here at Jacksonville’s Harrell and Harrell agree. If you are a veteran whose health has suffered because you’ve been unable to secure a timely appointment at a VA medical facility or because your claim for the VA benefits you’re due was denied, we can help. Contact a veterans disability benefits attorney at 800-251-1111. Our team of veterans-turned-attorneys, led by a 10-year South Carolina Army National Guard military policeman and Operation Enduring Freedom veteran, can help assure you get the car end benefits you’ve so valiantly earned.