Employee Profile: Scott Grimm

For almost three decades, Harrell & Harrell, P.A., has been practicing law in Jacksonville, Florida. Throughout our history, the team has worked together to remain dedicated to client service and the practice of personal injury law.

Scott Grimm has been an integral part of the firm’s DNA since the beginning. Scott joined the firm in 1995 and is a proven, dedicated member of the Harrell & Harrell team. He worked directly with Bill Harrell for many years and was trained in almost every aspect of the firm. Now, he is the Director of Operations.

Scott Grimm Naval Academy GraduationPersonal History

Scott graduated high school in Fort Lauderdale and headed off to the US Naval Academy. After graduating from Annapolis in 1986, Scott went off to flight school in Pensacola and then earned his wings of gold after completing advanced flight training in Corpus Christi. Scott was stationed at NAS Jacksonville attached to VP-49 and transitioned to the Naval Reserve and flew with VP-62 until 2002. He retired after 20 years in 2006. He and his wife Courtney live with their three daughters on a farm in Clay County. Scott’s wife and daughters are all avid equestrians, which is an important part of their lifestyle.

Role & Responsibilities at the Firm

In his early days at Harrell & Harrell, Scott began as an intake officer, then grew with the firm to become the Director of Operations. He learned virtually all the responsibilities it takes to run the firm under Bill Harrell’s direct training, ranging from IT to benefits. Scott’s role as Director of Operations specifically entails managing all prospective clients and the intake team. This includes helping prospective clients understand if they have a potential case, working with the intake team to gather the initial details, or referring to other firms as necessary.

Scott Grimm Harrell & Harrell Director of OperationsA Passion for Helping People

After almost 25 years with Harrell & Harrell, Scott can say with confidence that he enjoys his work. As head of the firm’s intake team, Scott’s goal is to screen each prospective client, meet and explain to the client how it all works and assign them to someone in the office within 72 hours of initial contact. If a person has a case outside of the scope of Harrell & Harrell’s areas of practice, Scott and the rest of his team does their best to match people up with another lawyer or law firm outside of Harrell & Harrell that can assist them.

“No two days are the same,” Scott says. “Unfortunate events often motivate a person to call Harrell & Harrell, and I find it very rewarding to be there for people in their time of need.”

The People Behind the Service

While there are often misconceptions about law firms, by the time clients are finished speaking with Scott, they understand exactly what Harrell & Harrell is—a team of real people providing much-needed help with a passion to serve others.

When screening clients, Scott ensures the firm treats people with the utmost respect. “Every case that comes in is their case,” Scott says. “It’s often the biggest concern in their lives right now, and we work hard to ensure it’s treated that way for every client.” Harrell & Harrell does not deny clients based on any perception that their case is “big” or “small.”

We’re With You

Scott Grimm is an important member of our Harrell & Harrell team. His dedication to serving others and helping potential clients—whether or not they actually become clients—is at the heart of the firm. Scott, along with many other members of the team, has served his country in the military service. He brings that dedication and duty to his current passion of helping others.

If you or a loved one ever submit a case evaluation request to Harrell & Harrell, Scott will have a hand in ensuring that each request is treated respectfully, carefully and fairly. Like Scott, the entire firm is filled with people dedicated to our original goals of exceptional client service and the practice of personal injury law.