Harrell and Harrell: Employee Profile—Matthew Hinson

Matt Hinson1For almost three decades, Harrell & Harrell, P.A., has been practicing law and helping those who have been injured. Throughout our history, the team has worked together to remain dedicated to client service and the practice of personal injury law.

Matthew Hinson has been an integral part of the Harrell & Harrell team for more than 20 years. With a background in law enforcement, he joined the firm in 1998 as an investigator. He was mentored by Bill Harrell and worked closely with him throughout his career. Now, he is Chief Investigator.

Personal History

Matt began his career as a police officer in Orange Park, until he turned down a position with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office to join the Harrell & Harrell team. Bill Harrell spent hundreds of hours mentoring Matt, teaching him what to look for on a case and how to provide value to clients. Matt says he will always be grateful to have had that experience, and he uses this knowledge in his work to this day.

Outside of work, one of Matt’s greatest motivations is taking care of his family. When Matt started at the firm, his family was new. Now he has two children, Matt. Jr. and Emma, ages 16 and 19. His wife, Amy, was recently named teacher of the year at her school. Their family enjoys spending time together both outdoors and with movie nights at home. Matt also enjoys fishing, hunting, surfing and crossfit.

Since he places such an emphasis on his family, Matt appreciates the family-focused culture at Harrell & Harrell, where the senior partners know his kids, ask about them by name, and are invited to their homes. He recalls how Bill Harrell envisioned the firm like it was his own family. “They are loyal to a fault here,” Matt says. “Bill integrated that into his firm. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.”

Matt Hinson2

Role & Responsibilities at the Firm

As Chief Investigator, Matt meets with Renee Harrell daily to review cases and determine where additional evidence may be needed to ensure a winning case, such as reconstructed images, witnesses or experts. Matt also works with Scott Grimm to monitor cases where he can forsee potential liability issues and resolve them from the start. With his background as a police officer and relationships with local law enforcement, he’s able to quickly gather case information and evidence. When insurance companies deny claims, this speed is critical for clients who may be in urgent need of medical treatment.

A Mission to Right Wrongs

Matt Hinson3For Matt, helping clients recover and find justice is the most satisfying part of his job. Too often, he sees insurance companies or big corporations offer people pennies on the dollar, conceal or steal evidence and lie. Matt goes above and beyond to ensure that the truth comes out and his clients can receive the compensation they deserve to take care of themselves and their families.

Often in cases, a key piece of evidence or witness makes all the difference. Matt will travel out of state to track down witnesses and secure their cooperation and testimony. No stone goes unturned in his mission to help people who have been hurt, expose issues and right wrongs.

We’re With You

Matt Hinson is an important member of our Harrell & Harrell team. His dedication to helping clients find a fair recovery is at the heart of the firm. He provides personal, caring service to each and every client, no matter how big or small the case. Like Matt, the entire firm is filled with people dedicated to exceptional client service and the practice of personal injury law.