Harrell and Harrell: Employee Profile

Personal Injury Paralegal Spotlight

For almost three decades, Harrell & Harrell, P.A. has been practicing law and helping those who have been injured. Throughout our history, the team has worked together to remain dedicated to client service and the practice of personal injury law. Pam Kurth, Kim Connell, and Lisa Guggisberg have been working with Renee Harrell—and the Harrell & Harrell family—for over 20 years. They have become integral parts of the team and have proven their loyalty and dedication to Harrell & Harrell. These paralegals have been with Harrell & Harrell since the beginning, and they have seen it grow into the firm it is today.

Pam Kurth

Pam was fortunate to start at Harrell & Harrell very early on and watched the vision come to life as the company grew bigger in size. Pam has worked closely with Renee Harrell for almost 23 years. “Renee is more than my boss, she’s part of my family,” said Pam. Along with the fact that they provide a full gym and trainers, the family-oriented, lively atmosphere at Harrell & Harrell is one of the many reasons why Pam loves her job.

Originally from New Jersey, Pam moved to the Jacksonville area for school and for the beach. Pam’s free time is spent at the gym, park, beach, or pool. She is the proud dog mom to her lab mix, Jeter, and loves that Renee brings the dogs into the office every day. An avid Chicago Bears fan, Pam makes it a point to go to two games every year. Pam is also a travel enthusiast. Some of her favorite recent trips have been to Denver, Miami, Seattle, and Mexico.

As a litigation paralegal, Pam sees cases from demand and mediation to trial. She proofs and edits for the attorneys and works closely with other attorneys on other teams. Pam’s greatest professional accomplishment has been working in the legal field for 30 years in several types of law, including probate, guardianships, corporate law, and 23 years in personal injury at Harrell & Harrell.

Kim Connell

A Jacksonville native, Kim graduated from a community college and went straight into the legal field. She started as a receptionist at a law firm, worked her way up the ladder, and then started at Harrell & Harrell, where she’s been for the past 20 years. Kim is a wife, mother, grandmother, and soon-to-be mother-in-law. She loves to run, work out, hang out with friends, and travel.

As a legal assistant, Kim files complaints, schedules depositions, and drafts and files pleadings. Kim says helping people in need is the most satisfying part of her job. “It motivates me to work for the underdog,” said Kim. “We work hard with Renee and the whole team to get them an outcome that helps make them whole again.”

The family atmosphere Harrell & Harrell cultivates is one of the reasons Kim enjoys working with them so much. “I love my boss and that makes the job so much better. We’re all such good friends, we’ve gone through so much together,” said Kim. Kim is grateful to Bill for fostering a workplace that values family and relationships.

Lisa Guggisberg

Lisa Guggisberg1

Lisa started at Harrell & Harrell as a file clerk while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in political science; she then earned her master’s degree in public administration. Lisa has held multiple positions at Harrell & Harrell, so she understands the inner workings of the firm and can help out wherever she is needed. “When I first started, we were very small. Watching the firm grow to the size it is and being one of the oldest firms in the city is one of the biggest milestones I’ve seen Harrell & Harrell achieve,” said Lisa. “You see a lot of firms come and go. But to see them grow to what we are now and continue to grow is a great indicator of our success.”

Lisa grew up in Titusville and moved to Jacksonville to attend the University of North Florida. She is a wife and a mother of three. A former competitive powerlifter, Lisa enjoys mountain biking and staying active with her family.

Lisa Guggisberg2

As a paralegal, Lisa works primarily with associate Katie Deal, but has also worked with Renee for twenty years. Among her day-to-day responsibilities, she drafts motions, reviews medical records, helps with trial prep, and attends trials to assist the attorneys. But directly helping clients is the most rewarding part of Lisa’s job. “Any little thing I can do to help, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment. Our clients are in a very stressful situation, so if I can take that stress off them, that makes me feel good,” said Lisa. She is grateful to Harrell & Harrell for giving her the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s daily lives.

We’re With You

Pam, Kim, and Lisa are important members of our Harrell & Harrell team. Their dedication to helping clients find a fair recovery is at the heart of the firm. They provide personal, caring service to each and every client, no matter how big or small the case. Along with them, the entire firm is filled with people dedicated to exceptional client service and the practice of personal injury law.