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Lake City Truck Accident Attorneys


If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident with a semi or other type of commercial truck, contact the Lake City truck accident attorneys at Harrell & Harrell, P.A., for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Accidents that involve commercial vehicles such as 18-wheelers, dump trucks, and delivery trucks are unlike other types of vehicular accidents in many ways. There are likely to be multiple parties involved—several of which may have some responsibility—and multiple insurance companies to deal with, so truck accident cases can be complicated. For our clients, however, the most important difference between a collision with a commercial truck and one with a car is the often-devastating injuries they sustain.

While there are federal regulations in place to make trucking safer, there remains many factors that can cause a truck accident. Some of these are:

  • Exhausted truck drivers who have too many hours on the road
  • Excessive speed
  • Careless, reckless or aggressive driving
  • A lack of proper driver training
  • Faulty equipment or mechanical failure
  • Improper maintenance
  • Overloads
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence

When these accident causes are due to negligence, injured victims have the right to pursue compensation. At Harrell & Harrell, P.A., our expert Lake City truck accident lawyers have decades of experience representing clients whose lives have been changed by their injuries, and we have obtained favorable resolutions and recovered millions of dollars on their behalf. If you’ve been injured in a collision with a truck, bus, or other large commercial vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer no-cost, no-obligation consultations to help you determine if you have a case.

How our Lake City truck accident lawyers can help you.

The sheer size and weight of a commercial vehicle make them especially dangerous when things go wrong on the road. In a collision between a car that may weigh 3,000 pounds and a fully loaded truck that may be more than 80,000 pounds, the car’s driver and passengers have an extremely high risk of serious injuries. When these injuries result in mounting medical bills, an inability to work, or an uncertain financial future, our truck accident lawyers can help.

Some of the types of losses our clients suffer from these accidents, and for which we may seek compensation on their behalf, include:

Current medical expenses: With the high cost of medical care, even seemingly minor injuries can result in many thousands of dollars of medical expenses. The cost of serious injuries may run into hundreds of thousands. We will work to ensure that you are compensated for emergency care, diagnostic tests, prescription drugs, surgical procedures, and other expenses you’ve incurred because of your accident.

Future medical expenses: Many truck accident victims will require long-term medical care, such as regular visits to physicians, ongoing use of medications, physical therapy and more. Those with devastating traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries may need extensive care for a lifetime. All of these factors will be taken into consideration when our attorneys and accident and medical experts calculate the amount of compensation to seek.

Lost wages: For many Americans, missing even one paycheck can cause financial stress. If you’re losing wages due to your accident, our truck accident lawyers will work to recover them.

The loss of future income-earning capacity: Some injuries may have long-term effects on your ability to earn a living or return to the same job or level of work you were doing before the accident. Our experts can determine the dollar amount of the income loss you may expect in the future.

Property damage: Truck accident victims will likely need to repair or even replace their vehicles or other types of property that may have been damaged due to someone else’s negligence.

Physical, mental or emotional pain and suffering: These losses can cause very real personal injury to our clients, affecting the quality of their lives and that of their family.

Contact our Lake City semi truck accident attorneys.

Another important difference between passenger vehicle accidents and truck accidents is the number of complex federal and state regulations on the trucking industry. Our Lake City truck accident lawyers are well-versed in these regulations and have the experience to navigate the complexities that are involved. If you’ve been injured in an accident with a semi or other commercial truck, don’t hesitate to contact our Lake City truck accident attorneys to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation. You can reach us anytime by calling 904-251-1111 or 800-251-1111, completing the form above, or contacting us online.


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