Car accident questions

Have you recently been in a car accident? Injured or not, people have lots of unanswered questions about what to do and how to do it. There are lots of backyard cross the fence experts out there that help foster all the bad information about car accidents, injuries, insurance companies and attorneys. Most folks have no understanding of the basic Florida auto insurance requirements and what their coverages do and for whom. Try explaining to a parent of a grown child still living at home why their own auto insurance has to pay for their child’s medical bills after the child gets in a car accident while riding with a buddy. Regardless of fault, there are certain questions we ask people to help determine who is going to pay the injured person’s medical bills and lost wages. You should hear the feedback I have heard over the years. Some people get irate, some are still confused even after I have tried to explain it until I am blue in the face while others just say OK! If you have questions concerning your car accident or auto insurance, call us or send an e-mail through our website. I promise to try to answer all your questions and you won’t even get to see me turn blue. blueface

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