Car accidents and your weight

Thanks to one of our personal injury trial lawyers, David Black, for his insight on this very relevant matter.

As a personal injury attorney, I have noticed a recent trend with defense attorneys on how they defend car accidents which result in low back injuries. Unfortunately, instead of accepting responsibility for an accident, a defense attorney will attempt to place the blame for a client’s injuries on the client’s weight. For instance, a defense attorney will claim an obese individuals increased weight has caused a degenerative condition to develop in a person’s spine which is now causing low back pain. The defense attorney will then attempt to bolster his argument by using studies and medical reports showing the relationship between obesity and back pain. Usually, this argument will not be made when a client has been involved in a significant accident. However, when the accident results in minimal property damage the defense will consider the client’s weight as a possible reason for the cause of a low back injury. For more information regarding the relationship between low back injuries and obesity please click here.

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