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Honesty – the best policy

One of out trial attorneys, David Black, was kind enough to submit this article after completing a jury trial last week in Green Cove Springs, FL. David and his team achieved a great result for our client. Here’s his submission: Last week a jury in Clay County awarded my client $176,000.00 for injuries that were caused by a car accident. The credit for this win belongs to my client. In the news these days, it’s common for media outlets to bash attorneys and victims of car accidents for filing frivolous lawsuits. However, last week a jury validated my client’s claims and justified awarding her damages to compensate her for the injuries that have caused her life to take a turn for the worse. The reason my client deserves all the credit, is because she told the truth and her honesty convinced the jury she was significantly injured. When I ask people, “What is a frivolous lawsuit?”The usual answer I get is, “It’s when someone asks for compensation that they don’t deserve.” You see in a personal injury lawsuit from a car accident, a victim’s credibility is always attacked. The reason is to determine if the victim deserves compensation. Well, in this case, my client was stopped in traffic when she was rear ended by a speeding car. The impact broke her driver’s seat and caused her injuries. She treated with doctors for over five years and required invasive medical procedures to help her live with her pain. Her doctors testified that she will live with pain for the rest of her life. My client deserved every penny that was awarded to her from the verdict. She was able to testify to all of the aspects of her life that have changed for the worse due to her accident. By telling the truth she was able to convince a jury of her peers that she should be compensated. So with personal injury lawsuits if you want a jury to believe you and award you compensation for your injuries, honesty is the best policy. If you’d like to speak with David or anyone else here at Harrell & Harrell, PA, please contact us. Don’t settle for less than you deserve!

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