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Jacksonville car accident

Have you had the misfortune of being involved in a car accident recently? Even though it hasn’t rained much this spring, there have been no lack of auto accidents on the roads in and around Jacksonville. Gas prices seem to be keeping some people off the roads but thankfully the high price of gasoline is starting to ease also. I do like my quicker drive to work but paying $60 for a tank of gas even in my Ford Fusion is getting old. What should you do if you are involved in a car crash? There are so many things to consider and I know most of you don’t want to commit that kind of stuff to memory. Give us a call regardless of the facts of your accident or the extent of your injuries so we can help answer those questions. Yes there is still such a thing as FREE advice. Of course we would love to make you a client. Avoid the unnecessary referral services and consider using a local and highly respected law firm to handle your personal injury case. If we can be of assistance, feel free to contact us! Your FREE consultation won’t cost you a thing and it is always confidential. Don’t settle for less than you deserve!

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