Auto Accidents

Elderly Drivers Face Greater Risks on the Road

The risk of suffering serious injury in a car accident increases sharply beginning at age 70. Recently, royal watching media outlets were all abuzz about captured shots of England’s Queen Elizabeth…

Seatbelt Use in Florida, Georgia Bests National Rates

  Florida and Georgia both beat the national rate for auto drivers and passengers buckling up. Recent research by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that drivers and passengers…

Teen Driving Deaths Reach Two-Decade Low

  Fewer teens are losing their lives in car accidents, research shows. If you’ve got a teenager behind the wheel, there’s good news. New research shows that today’s teenage drivers are less…

Sleeping Pills Double Car Crash Risk

  Some 9 million Americans use sleeping pills, and that could place them at risk for auto accidents.[/caption] If a good night’s sleep proves elusive, you may be tempted to turn to…

Five Top Auto Accident Expenses

  Costs associated with car crashes can really add up, even in the case of a minor fender bender. More than 10 million auto accidents occur on America’s roadways each year, ranging…

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