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School is back in session

For those of you with kids this is good news. Schedules become more manageable, vacation has come and gone and life settles down just a bit. Ahhh! Not so fast, any relief gained by knowing where our kids are and when they have to be there is offset by those annoying yellow school buses and those darn school zones we all have to commute through. What is there about a bus or a slow speed zone that gets us all so aggravated? In reality, the amount of time added to our drives by stopping for a loading/unloading bus is minuscule. A car accident will cause you much more delay and aggravation – ruining your day or someone elses day. Slow down and take a deep breath. Allow a few extra minutes for that bus or school zone. Also, traffic on the roads will increase dramatically with moms and dads taking their kids to school. Worse yet, there will be a dramatic increase in new inexperienced drivers taking the family car to school for the first time. Be attentive and patient! Traffic will settle down in a week or so. Try not to be the one who causes a car accident or becomes a victim of a car accident.

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