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What is PIP? – No Fault?

Who pays your medical bills when you are injured in a Florida car accident? Most people don’t know that answer until after they are the victim of another driver’s carelessness. They call the at-fault insurance company only to be told to pound sand or some similar response. Then they call an attorney because they are frustrated with the first answer. Sometimes I can sense additional frustration when we ask them for the name of their automobile insurance company and attempt to explain Florida’s No-Fault law. Who does pay your medical bills? Here’s a copy of an answer to that question which is posted on our website. Florida is a “no fault insurance” state. Therefore, your own car insurance, under its Personal Injury Protection (PIP) provisions required under Florida law, is the primary or first to pay medical expenses. Although PIP benefits can vary from policy to policy, typically 80% of your medical expenses up to $10,000 are paid by PIP. The “no fault” concept is designed to make sure your medical bills are quickly paid and a car accident victim does not have to spend time and money fighting over who was at fault for the car accident to get legitimate medical bills paid. These payments by your insurance company DO NOT affect your premiums. If PIP benefits are used up, various types of health insurance and other programs may then assume responsibility for your medical expenses. Please feel free to contact us for answers to many other questions you may have regarding your car accident or injuries suffered in your car accident.