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Florida No-Fault Insurance Law In Jacksonville


Initially designed to keep premiums low, Florida’s no-fault insurance law underwent sweeping changes as of January 1, 2013. Unfortunately, the personal injury lawyers with Jacksonville’s Harrell & Harrell law firm informs their clients that those changes also severely limit their rights to obtain the benefits for which they already paid.

Florida No-Fault Insurance Coverage

The law requires drivers of vehicles with at least four wheels to purchase and carry auto insurance policies with Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. This coverage type allows for insureds to be compensated for medical treatment of injuries suffered in a car accident by their own insurance company, regardless of which party is at fault, thus the term “no-fault” insurance.

Changes to the statute, however, require victims to jump through hoops in order to claim the benefits their policies promise.

For instance, PIP coverage for medical treatment now will be paid only if the insured obtains treatment from a licensed and approved provider within 14 days following the accident. The new law also limits benefits to $10,000 for injuries deemed “emergency medical conditions,” and $2,500 for treatment of injuries not deemed emergencies.

No Fault Insurance (PIP) with Holt Harrell

Critics say the new law further hurts victims by affording them fewer benefits and making it easier for insurance companies to deny valid claims while continuing to collect fees. If you or your dependents are injured in an auto accident, get medical treatment immediately. Then, contact an experienced Florida No-Fault insurance lawyer at Harrell & Harrell’s Jacksonville personal injury law office.



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