Flagler College Women’s Golf make our Team of the Week


The funny part about golf is everybody thinks it’s such an individual sport. But the players from the Flagler College women’s golf team learned that it can really be a team effort. That is what qualified them for the team of the week. The Flagler women’s golf team has found how success comes not just by playing well but also by being able to lean on your teammates. Marie Santacroce “You see each other on the golf course and if you have the bad hole you can get encouraged by your teammates instantly and you have your inside little jokes and stuff that make you smile.”

Joanna Yoo sums up the effect of team spirit by saying “I would try to keep on going and keep your head up. Stay positive. You know. Keep doing what you are doing.” And Nicole Keyser comments, “it’s so much easier especially when you are having a bad hole you have four other players behind you to stick with you even if you have a bad day.” There aren’t many bad days for these Saints Senior Golfers as they posted their lowest superregional score ever and even though they didn’t advance, their teamwork and determination gets them the Team of the Week!

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