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The Armada FC Overcomes All To Become Our Team of the Week

Trinity Christian baseball makes history and the team of the week The spirit for the Team of the Week has always been to highlight and celebrate individuals that have had to overcome some kind of diversity to play the sport they love however very few have had to sneak out their own country to play a game. In the video, we highlight three Armada Soccer players who have done just that. Tommy Krizanovic, Armada FC Forward, was born in Croatia during the Yugoslav Wars which included the War in Slovenia, Croatian War of Independence, Bosnian War, and the Kosovo War (which saw the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia). Nurdin Hrustic, an Armada FC Defender, had to leave his father and uncle behind in when they left Bosnia during the same conflict. Joseph Toby, Armada FC Defender, was in Sierra Leone when the Civil War began. He was forced to play indoors after the shooting started and even had friends who were captured by the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) and forced to fight in the war. Strife and conflict are not the only common thread that runs between these players, there is another, their love for soccer. This common thread, the love for a game celebrated around the world, that knits The Armada together and makes them the team of the week.

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