Want lower auto insurance premiums?

UPDATE – Looks like this might have been stopped through a “point of order” but I’m guessing they’ll find a way to get it back on the table. Stay tuned!

Yesterday, the Florida Senate Banking and Insurance Committee amended a proposed sinkhole coverage bill to amend your no fault auto or PIP coverage. PIP coverage currently provides, without regard to fault, medical and lost wage benefits to all drivers in Florida who are injured in auto accidents. The amendment allows auto insurance companies to offer “preferred provider” coverage for a premium discount. Sounds good. We all would like lower insurance premiums but at what price otherwise?

Who will pick the medical providers, the insurance company? Sounds like our wonderful workers’ compensation laws. Have you ever had to see a work comp approved doctor? All the horror stories I hear can’t all be wrong. So for a decreased premium, you get an insurance company approved doctor who says no medical treatment is necessary or only limited treatment is necessary. Who do you want picking your treating doctor… You, or your insurance company? I vote to keep my choices as my choices.

The law today is that you can go to any medical professional you want for treatment and for a reduced premium ( yet to be defined)… you will give up that right and will be limited to whomever your insurance company says is a preferred provider. The insurance companies question lawyers about who they send their clients to for treatment which in some cases I understand but they shouldn’t be allowed to have it their way, using their doctors, and not be questioned themselves.

Thanks to attorney Don Black for bringing this to my attention.

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