Ten Best Florida Law Blogs: 2019 Edition

legal blogsIn 2018, we shared the best of Florida law blogs, and now it’s time for an update. The law blogs included in our list each contain information that’s valuable to a wide range of people, from prospective Floridian lawyers to law firms, and from individual clients to businesses, legal organizations, and more. Each blog uniquely covers crucial legal topics and how they relate to people in Florida.

This list of Florida’s top law blogs was chosen by our staff, based upon our perception of the quality of information provided. Three out of the ten blogs named for 2019 are repeats from last year.

So, without any further ado, here are the top ten blogs!

#1 About Florida Law Blog

This blog was on our 2018 list, and its excellence continues. This law blog is published by Sackrin & Tolchinsky, P.A., Attorneys at Law, with one focus being to educate readers on real estate law. A recent post, for example, warns about the prevalence of forged quitclaim deeds in our state. This is the most common type of deed in Florida, the post shares, with wrongdoers often tampering with genuine legal documents to attempt to steal an innocent person’s home equity.

#2 Florida Lawblog

This blog is published by S & F Media LLC, covering current legal topics of interest in Florida. This blog includes guest commentary and information about court cases that have previously appeared in a different publication. An excellent example of the useful content published on this blog is their recent post on new laws in Florida. These range from the evolving laws about charter schools and teacher certifications to the ability of residents to now grow fruits and vegetables in their front lawns.

#3 Florida Estate Planning Lawyer Blog

This is the blog for the Law Office of David M. Goldman, PLLC; and, as the title suggests, it provides useful insights into estate planning in Florida. One post, for example, shares information about the law surrounding the guardianship of a special needs child after he or she reaches the age of 18. The post shares relevant statutes, the process of establishing guardianship under these circumstances, and much more.

#4 The McKinney Law Group Blog

This Florida law blog focuses on family law issues, such as what your attorney needs to know if you’re planning to divorce your spouse. The post shares what to tell your attorney so that he or she can advocate for you most effectively. Examples include details about your financial situation, such as your income and expenses, assets and debts, health care benefits, and so forth. It’s also important to share the circumstances that led to the decision to divorce, including but not limited to any abuse you’ve endured, and more.

#5 Garvin Legal Blog

The personal injury attorneys at Gavin share information on evolving Florida laws, among other topics. For example, they note how standards for evidence admission has changed from the Frye standard to the stricter Daubert standard when scientific evidence is being presented. This has been a hotly debated topic, with the Florida Supreme Court recently settling the issue. The main take-away for people who have been injured and seek compensation: The process will likely be trickier to navigate, making it more important to have a skilled personal injury attorney representing you.

#6 Jimerson Birr P.A., Law Blog

This law firm provides expert advice on condominium and planned development law, as well as construction law. One post explains how “nuisance” can be defined for condo associations; how to address gray areas; and how to avoid accusing a condo owner of a nuisance violation when the event doesn’t fit the definition. Another post shares insights into the public procurement bidding process in Florida, which is a competitive process that’s almost entirely statute-driven.

#7 Florida Real Estate Lawyer Blog

This real estate blog provides information on a wide spectrum of topics, from real estate trends to legal issues associated with them. One post shares insights into shopping center retail leases and the “use” clauses that many of them contain, as well as ones with clauses that give one tenant exclusive rights in what they sell. When one of these exclusivity clauses is violated, this can lead to significant legal and financial consequences, the post shares, which makes it crucial to carefully negotiate and draft these types of contracts.

#8 Upchurch Law Blog

This choice is a repeat from our 2018 list of the best Florida law blogs. Operated by Daytona Beach attorney Thomas Upchurch, the blog mostly focuses on elder law, but also offers estate planning advice for people of all generations. One recent post shares how to contest a will in Florida when you have a question about whether the document reflects the wishes of the deceased, or whether the will is even valid. This is an ideal example of how this blog’s content can be valuable to people of all ages.

#9 Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer Blog

This is the third law blog that’s making a repeat appearance on our “best-of” list, and that’s because it’s a foundational resource for people who need information about bankruptcy laws in Florida, both general and more situation-specific. One post provides an overview of when bankruptcy looms because of a personal injury, perhaps because insurance coverage was not enough to address a serious injury.

#10 Southwest Florida Business and IP Blog

As its tagline reads, this law blog provides “Legal Updates in Business, Employment and IP Law,” with a recent post delving into a decision by the appeals court that found parts of Florida’s medical marijuana statute to be unconstitutional. Because of this decision, numerous organizations that didn’t previously qualify as a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC) may now do so. The value of having an MMTC license, though, may drop significantly. The post notes that this decision will “undoubtedly” be appealed to the state’s Supreme Court, so it may be some time before this issue is resolved.

That concludes the 2019 edition of the Best Florida Law Blogs.