H&M Children’s Water Bottle Prone to Choking Hazard, Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyers Say

Earlier this month the Avenues Mall became a midnight madhouse when Jacksonville’s first H&M store opened at 12:00 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 6. But the New York-based retailer and Jacksonville personal injury attorneys already have a note of caution for shoppers. On Tuesday, Sept. 18, the company announced a recall of a popular children’s water bottle, explaining that the bottle’s spout can break off, posing a choking hazard. The recall was prompted by an incident in England in which the water bottle spout broke off in a child’s mouth as the child was drinking from the bottle. Luckily, the child was not injured, but the incident illustrated a high potential for harm. Manufactured in Italy and sold exclusively at H&M stores, the 16 oz. water bottles come in pink plastic with a crackle design or blue plastic with coordinating flip-top lid. The words “H&M Sweden” and the company’s web address, www.hm.com , are embossed on the bottom of the bottle. The recalled products were made in June 2012. If you purchased one of these bottles, you can confirm its manufacture date by checking the embossed date clock on the bottom of the bottle. Embossing on recalled items features the image of a clock with an inner circle that contains the number 12 and an arrow between the two numbers pointing at the number 6 in an outer circle of numbers. If you purchased one of these recalled bottles stop using it immediately. If it has not caused an injury to you or your child, you can return it to H&M for a full refund. Call the company toll-free at 855-466-7467 or visit the recall page on its website. If the bottle you bought has caused an injury of any sort, do not throw it away. Place the bottle and all broken pieces in a bag or box for safekeeping and contact a personal injury lawyer at Harrell and Harrell. With roots back to 1974, the firm has multiple offices located throughout Florida and a highly specialized staff of legal, medical and investigative staff who can help assure you get fair compensation from injuries caused by any faulty product.

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