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Social Networking Investigation

More and more people are getting caught up in the social networking phenomenon that is spreading across the globe. Even businesses like ours are taking advantage of the popular networking sites. Guess who else is taking advantage of these tools – the insurance companies. They typically look for anything and everything they can use to defend against a personal injury claim. Throw it up on the wall and see what sticks seems to be a popular theme.

Don’t throw up on the wall for them. The police are also using social networking as a powerful investigative tool. Whether it be for my own personal networking or for Harrell & Harrell, PA, I keep the same idea in mind which is – nothing on the internet is private so I ensure my posts and other communications are appropriate and that I am willing to have it seen by anyone who might come looking for it. You should consider that same idea. Another thing to consider is the fact that the rules can and do change frequently. What you may think is private or by invitation only may soon be available to the general public.

Think twice before you post that next picture or update your status – someone other than your mother may be watching! Check us out on Twitter – JaxPI

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