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Swimming Pool Safety

I thought about this topic as I was cleaning the out the filters and skimmer in my pool early this morning. How much thought do you put into swimming pool safety this time of year? With a house full of little swimmers, it is constantly on my mind. With temperatures starting to climb into the 90’s here in Jacksonville, FL the pool temperature is steadily going up. My kids think it is because daddy has the heater running (little do they know) but that is for another article. It only takes a moment for a child or adult to drown in even the slightest bit of water. We should all make sure our pool safety fences are in good condition and that the self-locking mechanism device on the gate is operating properly. For those of you that have doors and windows equipped with alarms – check to see if they work just like you would for your smoke detector. You don’t want to find out after a swimming pool accident that it could have been easily avoided. Next, it’s time to consider swimming lessons for the little ones that have not developed gills yet. There are plenty of options out there from private to group lessons. As far as the pool itself goes, you should have a qualified expert like your local pool company come out and make sure your safety devices such as the pressure relief valve on the drains are working. Who knows what kind of creature could have called your pool equipment home over the winter months. There are many other things to consider but one of the most important is to not swim alone or let a non-swimmer have access to your pool without qualified supervision. We have all heard horrific stories of how fast a drowning can occur – Don’t let it happen on your watch or in your pool!

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