Social Security Hearing on TV

Over the last year or so, the Social Security Administration began conducting disability hearings using Video Teleconferencing (VTC) with greater frequency in an effort to move cases through the system quicker. In these hearings, the claimant may be in one location, the Judge in another location, and any witnesses in another. The claimant sees and hears the Judge and other parties on “TV” and “talks” to the “TV” when testifying.? While VTC may be appropriate in some cases, they are not advisable in all cases. For example, some claimants may simply not feel comfortable with this type of setting or as a matter of strategy, a face to face/in person hearing is felt to be critical in presenting the case. Claimants have an absolute right to refuse to appear by VTC and make their appearance before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) in person. Pursuant to 20 CFR 404.936(e) and 416.1436(e) a claimant’s wish not to appear by VTC will be found to constitute good reason for changing the time or place of the scheduled hearing and the hearing will be rescheduled for a time and place at which the claimant may appear in person. We strongly encourage Social Security Disability and/or Supplemental Security Income claimants to consult with an attorney with any questions regarding their denied claims

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