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Social Security Statement Now Online

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has made our social security statements available online. People over the age of 18 can go to the SSA website and complete a verification process. Once the verification is complete, the user will be able to access their statement for planning purposes and verifying past wage earnings over their lifetime. The average of your lifetime wages determines your available benefits so obviously it is critical to make sure your account is accurate. Here’s an excerpt from an SSA press release:

To get a personalized online Statement, people age 18 and older must be able to provide information about themselves that matches information already on file with Social Security. In addition, Social Security uses Experian, an external authentication service provider, for additional verification. People must provide their identifying information and answer security questions in order to pass this verification. Social Security will not share a person’s Social Security number with Experian, but the identity check is an important part of this new, robust verification process.

For the full press release, follow this link If we can assist you with your Social Security Disability Benefits, feel free to contact us.

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