Birthday wishes

Happy Birthday to Ralph Billings from all of us at Harrell and Harrell, PA. He says he’s 103 but I’m not buying it. Call us at 251-1111 and arrange for Ralph to…

New and improved

Welcome to the new and improved Harrell and Harrell weblog. Keep an eye out for new posts. Check out our website at – the local personal injury attorneys

Important Bicycle Safety – Recall Notice

Bicycle safety is challenging enough when it comes to worrying about the hazards of the roadways, but when you have to worry about whether your bike will come apart or not, it’s…

Hurricane Season and Insurance Companies

If you live anywhere in the southeast or these days along the east coast, then you know that the 2009 hurricane season is underway. For the past three years, hurricanes have caused…


(Generic name: Rofecoxib) FDA Issues Public Health Advisory on Vioxx as its Manufacturer Voluntarily Withdraws the Product “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today acknowledged the voluntary withdrawal from the market of…


Yamaha Motor Corporation issued a recall of more than 120,000 Yamaha Rhino All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s). All Rhino 450 and 660 model vehicles are being recalled for repairs intended to prevent accidents…


“Suzuki Motor Corporation has determined that all GSX-R1000K7 motorcycles are equipped with an Idle Speed Control (ISC) Valve that may not return to the correct start-up position each time the ignition switch…


If you or a loved one has a Guidant Pacemaker, CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY! The manufacturer of Guidant Pacemaker was aware that its defibrillators, small devices implanted in the chest that shock…


FDA Issues Public Health Advisory on Bextra as its Manufacturer Voluntarily Withdraws the Product “[The] FDA has asked Pfizer, Inc. to withdraw Bextra (valdecoxib) from the market because the overall risk versus…

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