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In the aftermath of an accident, the costs associated with an immediate physical injury may be only the first of many ongoing expenses. A loss of income, unexpected future medical costs, and other events or circumstances may not be apparent at first, so before you attempt to arrive at an amount for a personal injury claim settlement, it’s important to speak with one of our personal injury attorneys. You can reach our Orange Park personal injury lawyers at 904-251-1111 for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

Your family’s future security can be affected by a car accident, truck accident, or other unexpected personal injury. Our attorneys are not only experienced in representing all types of accidents and personal injuries — we also understand the potential for long-term effects on our clients’ lives and livelihoods. Damages that result from a personal injury accident or wrongful death can play a part in:

  • The victim’s emotional state or mental health
  • Unforeseen medical care costs in the future
  • A loss of income or even employment
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation expenses
  • The cost of retraining or vocational therapy

Call on Orange Park’s personal injury law firm.

Personal injury is our firm’s main focus. Our personal injury lawyers have extensive experience representing a comprehensive range of the types of injuries and accidents that can change a client’s life, from a soft-tissue injury such as whiplash, to serious spinal and head injuries. To ensure we fully meet the needs of our clients, we have former nurses on our staff and an in-house medical library. When needed to support our clients’ cases, we retain the services of premier physicians for analysis and expert testimony.

We also call on experts who are experienced in determining the expenses associated with occupational retraining, calculating the financial losses of an accident victim, or other aspects of a case that can result in long-term effects on our clients.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident; injured in an accident at work; sustained injuries or damages from nursing home abuse; or been the victim of another person’s careless behavior, unreasonable acts, or negligence, we are ready to help determine the strength of your case.

You never have to face powerful insurance companies alone. Complete the form above or call us now at 904-251-1111 for a free consultation.


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